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Oceanic Seaside Resin Art & Geode Resin Table Top Art with Craft 360

Craft360 : 20-06-2019 to 21-06-2019 : Studio Pepperfry ,Surat
: 11 am -1 pm & 4 pm - 6 pm   Rs : FREE

We are Super thrilled to announce our next splendid workshop in surat city!!!

Here comes another great spectacular opportunity to Learn, Enjoy and Celebrate resin art.

A therapeutics and knowledge transfer workshop on resin specially designed for design professionals, art lovers and almost everyone who loves nature.

Craft 360 is a renown name in Resin Art in Mumbai with a decade of event organizing experience.

Oceanic Seaside Resin Art
Ever wanted to create an abstract masterpiece in art RESIN With the seaside oceanic Resin Art.

This workshop will guide you step to step from basic to create your own Masterpieces. Art resin is a higher glossy epoxy resin clear coat, that creates a gorgeous, durable finish. Design specially for creative projects.

This crystal clear RESIN is easy to use, so Gear up to make your own SEASIDE OCEANIC RESIN ART’S masterpiece on 15”x15” size MDF board with the effect of sand & shells flooded of shells on the seashore and sea waves & sky clouds. Colors and thoughts put together on MDF, which creates your own Masterpiece.


Geode Resin Table Top Art with Crystals & Glitters 

WHAT is Geodes? Do want to know the fact.
Geodes are spherical rocks that contain hollow cavities lined with crystals. The name geode comes from the Greek word Geodes, which means "earthlike." 
In volcanic rock, geodes start out as bubbles. 
Over time, the air, mud, or tree roots create a hollow cavity within the rock, while the outer edges harden into a spherical shape. Then the real scientific magic happens as groundwater begins to flow around and through these rocks.

Well well... All this science we are going to create with resin in RESIN GEODE ART class

This WORKSHOP will guide you step to step from basic to create your own Masterpiece of Table of MDF and wrought Iron with Mrs. Trupti shah.

(Include 15” x 15”  MDF board including crystals, Golden Dust, with wrought Iron powdered coated 3 U type legs, all ART material + step by step guidance )

Early bird ticket : 10% discount for the first 10 registration & get 5% discount for referrals. Valid till 16th June

Date : 20 & 21 June 2019
Time : 11 am -1 pm & 4 pm - 6 pm
Venue: Studio Pepperfry, Surat

Reach the Organizer: 919833596991