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Karthik Kumar's Second Decoction - the Coimbatore premiere!

HarshaVardhan : 17-07-2016 to 17-07-2016 : Sitra
: 04:00 pm   Rs : ~


Our very own Karthik Kumar comes to Coimbatore with a new standup comedy special!

Second Decoction is a Karthik Kumar's 2nd Standup Comedy Special, after his first, PokeMe, and this one is a celebration of all the things that are 2nd Best - that we reserve for ourselves, because we dont deserve any better! Its a celebration of a Middle Class upbringing, filled with Hope, Dreams and Life Savings just enough to pay only the first EMIs for them.

The show premiered at NCPA Cheer! along with shows of Papa CJ, Sorabh Pant and Anuvab Pal. And has then travelled to Singapore and Chennai. And now - the Coimbatore premiere!