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Women Entrepreneur Meetup "SHE Heaven" (Meet 6)

HarshaVardhan : 23-08-2016 to 23-08-2016 : Kuchi N Kream
: 10:30 AM   Rs : FREE
 :  Invitation

A "SHE" , which supports motivates works with self employed w
In this meeting we will share our mutual business strategy , will help in mutual business marketing and growth and personal care of Women and a stress buster for Business/Self Employed Women

No stalls , this is a group meeting of self employed / business women to get more ideas and support to each other

Meeting place : Kuchi n Kream

Meeting Date : 23/08/2016 
Meeting Time : 10.30 am onwards

Come, strong women lets grow bigger and stronger on our own

Interested Woman please message me will share more details and confirm your presenceomen and their business to make them grow bigger and to unite alk the emerging women entrepreneurs to work together to achieve more success