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Transforming Life Skills Program

JeevaSundaram : 22-04-2018 to 01-06-2018 : Pollachi Main Road, Coimbatore
: 4:30   Rs : 9000

High IQ Learner's League, Coimbatore has organised a Transforming Life Skills Program for Children of Age group 7 to 17. There are 12 Practice level Life skills training including Interpersonal(Gender respect), High IQ Power, First Aid, Money Mngmt, Gardening, Handwriting, Swimming & Calm Yoga. Early registering kids get a Free 34 pages In-Born Talent DMIT Report.  Parents Interested for their Kid's Life-time transformation can contact the Facilitator & Trainer. The expert is a certified Yoga Master, First Aid Professional, Swimming Coach, Sainik Alumnus, NLP Practitioner & NCS Career Counselor for Tamilnadu.